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What is SAP FICO ?
SAP Financial Accounting (FI) is an important core module where in live-time, the financial processing transactions are all captured to provide the basis via which data is drawn for external reporting.  This SAP FI Module is integrated with many parallel modules that enable a company to unify processes that may have needed the utilization of many software packages.  Other Modules of SAP that commonly find a role of integration with FI are (but not limited to) Material Management (MM), Sales & Distribution (SD), Human Resources (HR), Product Planning (PP), Controlling (CO), etc.   Among these CO – Controlling is another major focus for those coming from the Finance/Accounting/Auditing/Budgeting and Financial Reporting/Analysis Backgrounds/Professions.
SAP FI:  There are many sub-modules that streamline and specialize in each aspect of the Financial Accounting Processes as below:
AA – Asset Accounting
AP – Accounts Payable
AR – Accounts Receivable BL – Bank Accounting
FM – Funds Management
GL – General Ledger Accounting
LC – Legal Consolidations
SL – Special Purpose Ledger
TM – Travel Management
Out of the above, FI-AR, FI-AP, & FI-AA are the three sub-modules that send simultaneous postings to FI-GL.





  • SAP projectsfico2
  • ASAP Methodology
  • Organization Structure
  • SAP Landscape

Enterprise Structure

  • Creation of Company
  • Company Code
  • Business Area
  • Assignments

Financial Accounting Global Settings

  • Fiscal year Variant
  • Open & Closing Posting Periods
  • Field Status Variant
  • Document Type
  • Posting Keysfico4

General Ledger

  • Maintenance of Leading and Non-leading ledgers
  • Document Splitting
  • Number Ranges
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Groups
  • G/L Accounts
  • General Postings
  • Parking a Document
  • Holding a Document
  • Reversal of Documents
  • Reference Documents
  • Interest Calculations
  • Account Balances
  • Reports

House Bank

  • Creation of Bank Master Data
  • Define House Bank
  • Maintenance of Check Lots

Accounts Receivable

  • Configuring the Receivable Documentfico1
  • Defining the Posting keys
  • Defining Receivable Accounts Master Records
  • Reconciliation
  • Invoice General
  • Posting Incoming Payments
  • Dunning
  • Tolerance
  • Taxes on Sales & Purchases
  • Down Payments
  • Special G/L Accounts
  • Reports

Accounts Payable

  • Configuring the Payable Documents
  • Defining Posting Keys
  • Master Records
  • Reconciliation
  • Tolerance
  • Payment Terms
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Automatic Payment Program (APP)fico3
  • Item Interest Calculation
  • Special G/L Accounts
  • Down Payments
  • Withholding Tax
  • Reports

Asset Accounting

  • Chart of Depreciation
  • Asset Classes
  • Account Determination
  • Creation of Asset
  • Maintenance of Asset
  • Depreciation Run


  • Controlling Area Definition
  • Version Maintenances
  • Number Ranges
  • Activate Components
  • Cost Element Accountings
  • Cost Elements Definition

Cost Center Accounting

  • Definition of Cost Center
  • Planning and Actual Postings
  • Definition of Activity Types and Statistical Key Figures
  • Allocation
  • Information Systems

Internal orders

  • Master Records Creation
  • Order Types
  • Orders
  • Plan and Actual Postings
  • Budget Profile
  • Information Systems

Profit Center Accounting

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data
  • Assignments to Profit Centers
  • Plan and Actual Postings
  • Information Systems

Profitability Analysis

  • Structures
  • Master Data
  • Planning and Actual Values
  • Information Systems

Product Cost Controlling

  • Master Records
  • Bill of Material
  • Activity Types Statistical Key Figures
  • Routings
  • Costing Sheets
  • Material Master
  • Cost Elements with Quantity Structure
  • Price Updating
  • Production order
  • Variance
  • Settlements
  • Information Systems

Closing Procedures

  • Financial Statements


  • FI Integration With MM
  • FI Integration With SD
  • PP Integration With CO

Tools & Other Topics

  • Validation & Substitution
  • LSMW
  • BDC
  • Report painter
  • ABAP Query
  • New GL concept
  • Ticketing tools
  • HP Quality center
  • Implementation guide
  • Transport process
  • Change process
  • Interview questions
  • Functional Spec
    • Report development

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