SAP BO Administration Online Training Course Content

We provide best SAP BO Administration online training in Hyderabad by experienced and real time expert faculty in SAP BO Administration.                                                     

Course Duration: 20 Hours

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What is Business Objects Enterprise?

  • Describe BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Use InfoView and the Central Management Console to view content
  • Configure the Central Management Console
  • Describe the BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture

Managing Business Objects Enterprise Content

  • Add objects to the Repository
  • Manipulate objects in BusinessObjects Enterprise

Securing BusinessObjects Enterprise Content

  • Create users, groups, folders and categories
  • Understand the BusinessObjects Enterprise security model
  • Describe guidelines for planning security

Application Security

  • Secure BusinessObjects Enterprise applications

Scheduling Content

  • Schedule objects
  • Schedule with business calendars
  • Manage instances

Publishing and Publications

  • Publish personalized reports and documents to multiple recipients
  • Describe the process of publishing personalized reports to dynamic recipients
  • Manage profiles

Preparing, Installing and Configuring BusinessObjects Enterprise

  • Explain how to prepare, install, and configure BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Test BusinessObjects Enterprise once it is installed

BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture

  • Describe the BusinessObjects Enterprise architecture
  • Describe the BusinessObjects Enterprise components
  • Explain the information process flows in BusinessObjects Enterprise

Performing Common Server Management Tasks

  • Describe server management tools
  • Describe the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA)
  • Describe the Central Management Console (CMC) to manage servers
  • Describe the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) to manage servers

Managing the Central Management Server and the System Database

  • Use the Central Management Server
  • Migrate and backup the CMS system data
  • Cluster Central Management Servers
  • Manage auditing
  • Map third-party accounts to BusinessObjects Enterprise

Managing the File Repository Servers

  • Use the File Repository Servers
  • Configure the File Repository Servers
  • Use the Repository Diagnostic Tool

Managing the Web Application Services

  • Understand the web application services
  • Configure the Java Web Application Server
  • Deploy BusinessObjects Enterprise web applications using wdeploy

Managing the Web Intelligence Servers

  • Describe the role of Web Intelligence servers
  • Configure the Web Intelligence servers
  • Describe how report viewing requests are processed by the Web Intelligence servers
  • Describe how scheduling requests are processed by the Web Intelligence servers

Managing the Crystal Reports Server

  • Use the Crystal Reports Server
  • Configure the Crystal Reports Job Server
  • Configure the Crystal Reports Cache Server
  • Describe the role of the Report Application Server
  • Set and run a schedule for a report
  • Describe the processing report viewing requests using the RAS

Working with the Adaptive Job Server and the Adaptive Processing Server

  • Describe the role of the Adaptive Job Server
  • Describe the role of the Adaptive Processing Server

Managing the Replication Services

  • Configure the Replication Services
  • Configure replication jobs
  • Manage the object cleanup

Managing the Event Servers

  • Understand events in the BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Use the Event Server
  • Configure the Event Server

Managing the Destination Job Servers

  • Use the Destination Job Server
  • Configure the Destination Job Server
  • Set a schedule to send an object or instance to a destination

Troubleshooting BusinessObjects Enterprise

  • Use best practices when troubleshooting
  • Use a strategic troubleshooting method

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